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Marius Bandre
Hi freemarker developers,

I'm excited to have my open source project http://www.webpagebytes.com live and I have to thank you for the freemarker framework which plays a key role.

My project is a cloud based cms which currently I use to generate websites, emails and pdf documents for the projects I work on.

Freemarker is the template scripting that powers the cms, http://www.webpagebytes.com/doc/template-scripting

I would like to apply for having this project listed under: http://freemarker.org/poweredBy.html

The project description is the following

Webpagebytes CMS is an open source framework that leverages the cloud power to generate complex websites, emails and PDF files with dynamic content. Using Freemarker scripting, editors can create on the fly content across various content types.

Good luck for next releases,


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