Using freemarker layout vs tiles.

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Using freemarker layout vs tiles.

Praveen Kumar
Hi All.

Freemarker layout example.

Example from (

<#macro myLayout title="FreeMarker example">
  <html> <head>
            <title> ${title} </title>
            <#include "header.ftl"/>
          <div class="menus">
            <#include "menu.ftl"/>
          <div class="body">
          <div class="footer">
            <#include "footer.ftl"/>

<#import "layout/defaultLayout.ftl" as layout>
<@layout.myLayout "Home page">
  <div><h1>Hello Freemarker</h1></div>

Is the above approach and using  Apache tiles with freemarker have same behavior in page rendering process.

If there are any differences in page rendering logic . Please help me to understand the differences and which one is better approach.

Thanks a lot.

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