User-defined language setting for Notepad++

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User-defined language setting for Notepad++

Wang, Glenn



A couple of years ago, I created some color-coding settings for Notepad++ to work with Freemarker templates.  Now, this is far from complete, but should be a good starting point, and should not be too difficult to modify to include the more recent changes to Freemarker.


To install for Notepad++


1.       Select “Language” > “Define your language…” from the menu bar (if “Define your language” is not available, the version of Notepad++ that’s installed is too old, update to a newer version)

2.       Click on the “Import…” button in the “User Defined Language” dialog box that pops up

3.       Open the “Freemarker.xml” file

4.       Restart Notepad++



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