Git repos move to Apache infrastructure soon, after 2.3.24-pre01

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Git repos move to Apache infrastructure soon, after 2.3.24-pre01

Daniel Dekany
I haven't managed to push FM 2.3.24 to RC1 state in time (far from
it... will be several more nights), so it will be just a Preview
release before moving the 3 main repos (freemarker, site, docgen) over
to ASF. This preview release I *hope* to be able to do around
2015-09-02 00:00 GMT or so, and then I ask for the import. (And the
monthly report is due on September 2nd... too bad, it might misses the

BTW, this is about what's expected in the Preview:
There are some new key features here, such as auto-escaping, custom
formatters, and "template configurers".
(Binary: http://freemarker.org/builds/2.3.24-nightly/freemarker.jar)

As of ASF releases, seems the first one will be the RC1 then, some
weeks later from now, not 2.3.24 final yet.

Best regards,
 Daniel Dekany

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