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FreeMarker 2.3.x source code moved to GitHub

Daniel Dekany

This is 2.3-gae ATM. Good thing is, this is the *only* branch that has
to be committed into now, no more merging into two other branches.
Later I will branch out 2.3 from it, so there will be 2 branches at
the end, but now it will be much easier to merge between them.

Further details (Git commit message):

  Overwriting the master with 2.3-gae code, but keeping the new (2.4)
  project structure and build script (fixed it at various places
  during the process). Thus 2.3-gae has moved from SVN to
  GitHub, and 2.3 will soon follow. 2.4 is not canceled, but it's more
  efficient if I make 2.3-gae/2.3 the master, do some releases from
  it, then branch out 2.4, and put back those few changes that were
  now overwritten and were still valid. BTW, with the new build
  script, 2.3 is now an OSGi bundle.

Best regards,
 Daniel Dekany

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