FreeMarker 2.3.22 Release Candidate 1 is out for testing!

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FreeMarker 2.3.22 Release Candidate 1 is out for testing!

Daniel Dekany
Please test it, especially with the incompatible_improvements
configuration setting set to 2.3.22! FreeMarker 2.3.22-rc01 comes

* Important DefaultObjectWrapper improvements (enabled by
  incompatible_improvements 2.3.22)

* Improved FreemarkerServlet (mostly on the field of TLD discovery
  options and error message quality)

* More customizable template loading (lookup) mechanism

* Support for using minus sign in any identifiers after a preceding
  backslash (like in <@myMacro data\ />)

* A new built-in for accessing the Java API of an object behind the
  object wrapping façade (disabled by default). For example,
  myMap?api.myBusinessProperty translates to
  myMap.getMyBusinessProperty() in Java, while
  myMap.myBusinessProperty would translate to

* New options to control logging

* Many others...

Find the full list of changes and more details in the FreeMarker
Manual included in the download:

Binary-only for Google App Engine:

Final release date depends on the issues found (if any), but it's
expected to be around end of February (one month from now).

 Dékány Dániel

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