FreeMarker 2.3.21 Release Candidate 1 is out for testing

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FreeMarker 2.3.21 Release Candidate 1 is out for testing

Daniel Dekany
The final 2.3.21 is expected to come out in early or mid October. If
you can, please use 2.3.21-rc01 for your development builds until
that, and report any issues! Of course, any comments on the new
features are highly welcome too.

You can download it here:

The change log is quite big - please find it in the download, as part
of the Manual. But some highlights are:

- New kind of range expressions, like ranges with exclusive end.

- String to boolean/number/date/time/dateTime conversions were
  enhanced to properly support XML Schema formats (often needed
  when processing XML coming from the data-model).

- XML Schema and ISO 8601 date/time/dateTime formats can be specified
  as the default formats (via the date_format, time_format and
  datetime_format settings)

- Major reworking of overloaded method selection, which was always
  a weak point of FreeMarker. But, to maximize backward compatibility,
  the improvements and fixes are only active if the BeansWrapper or
  DefaultObjectWrapper was created with "incompatibleImprovements"
  constructor argument 2.3.21 - see in the version history.

- Error message quality improvements continued, to address the most
  common questions of users.

- Many bug fixes.

 Daniel Dekany

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