For JSP taglib users: FreeMarker 2.3.18 tonight (GMT)

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For JSP taglib users: FreeMarker 2.3.18 tonight (GMT)

Daniel Dekany
2.3.17 doesn't find TLD-s in WEB-INF\lib\*.jar-s (unless they were
explicitly pointed in web.xml with a taglib tag). To fix this ugly
regression, I plan to release 2.3.18 tonight.

If someone cares about the details... The part that deals with
locating TLD-s was modified in 2.3.17 for better standard conformance.
A mistake was made there, which has remained hidden due to yet another
till now undiscovered ages old bug in a mock class used for emulating
servlet/JSP environment in the test suite. For now on, if anything was
touched in the JSP part FreeMarker the test must be run "manually" in
a real container. I'm not the boss of anyone here, but... obviously
that "integration testing" didn't happen, and that's, well, not a good
practice. Anyway, I fixed both bugs, and tested the thing under Tomcat
6. 2.3.17 fails as expected, 2.3.18 passes.

Best regards,
 Daniel Dekany

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