ECMAScript 6 template string syntax problem

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ECMAScript 6 template string syntax problem

Daniel Dekany
A recent StackOverflow question made me realize that in ES6 (modern
JavaScript) you can write template strings like this:

  console.log(`Hello ${name}!`)

This syntax clashes with the FTL interpolation syntax. So to prevent
FreeMarker interpreting the ES6 interpolations as FTL interpolations,
currently you have to do something like his:

  console.log(`Hello $<#-- -->{name}!`)

If(!) people will use ES6 template string often, this is of course not
an acceptable solution. Anyway, clashing with the `${...}` syntax is a
quite frequent problem in other scenarios as well. So I guess we
should introduce yet another syntax option to use something else...
not sure what. Maybe @{exp} (and on the same time disable the
deprecated #{...}, which clashes with JSP for example). Or <=exp> and
[=exp] for square bracket tag syntax. Surely it will cause some
confusion when ${exp} is suddenly static text despite what all
examples and the Manual shows (and the Eclipse plugin has to be made
smarter again, etc.), but what else can you do?

Best regards,
 Daniel Dekany

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