[Debug] How manage step Into/Over/Return with FM Debugger?

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[Debug] How manage step Into/Over/Return with FM Debugger?

Hi Attila,

I have implemented DBGP Protocol for Freemarker and now I can add/remove breakpoint and launch "Debug As Freemarker". The freemarker editor suspend to the breakpoint and Eclipse console display the result of the current Template#process.  I have fix a problem when you add breakpoint to </#if> directive. Breakpoint will suspend to the <#if> directive and not to the </#if> (ConditionnalBlock).

Now I would like manage step Into/Over/Return but it seems that the debugger doesn't manage that. Is is correct? Could you help me to manag ethis feature?

I have not modified your code, but I have created a new project org.freemarker.debug at https://freemarker.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/freemarker/sandbox/org.eclipse.dltk.freemarker/org.freemarker.debug (packages org.freemarker.provisionnal.debug is used for the moment) where I have modified your code to manage RMI and DBGP debugger with the same code. API is not very stable, but your last code of DebuggerService is now into AbstractDebuggerService class.

Could you help me or give me some suggestion to manage step Into/Over/Return?

Thank a lot.

Regards Angelo

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