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DLTK Freemarker Eclipse Plugin & Freemarker provisionnal projects


I have deleted org.freemarker.debug project wich will contains new API
for debugger + Freemarker DBGP debugger. This project was splitted
into 2 projects :

* freemarker.provisionnal : new API for Freemarker debugger (and
another thing). org.freemarker.provisionnal.debug packages is used in
order to conflicy with existing org.freemarker.debug. This project
contains RMI. When someone (Daniel, Attila, Jonathan?) will have time
to check the code of this project, I think it should be cool if this
code could be putted to the Freemarker trunk. I hav echanged a lot of
thing about debug API (and I find it's not very clean), so I would
like discuss with you after you will see the code.

*.freemarker.provisionnal.debug.dbgp :  This project contains DBGp
debugger based on  new API for Freemarker debugger.

So you must delete org.freemarker.debug  from your project and get the
2 projects freemarker.provisionnal  and

Regards Angelo

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