Building a CMS on top of Freemarker

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Building a CMS on top of Freemarker

David Levine

I am building a general purpose CMS on top of Freemarker, that exposes content
through Freemarker variables.  I'm interested in talking with other developers
that have an interest in this area.

Things I'm doing: I created a locally runnable application I call
"TemplateViewer", which can read a data model from a configurable location,
read templates off your hard disk, and then render the result for you.  It
let's you build a development environment for freemarker templates, where the
templates come from your local hard disk while the data comes from a
configurable data source.  In my case, it comes from my CMS.

I've built a FreemarkerTemplateLoader that reads templates off a web resource
that is shared by our cluster of web servers.  This allows us to evolve our
templates indepently from our web servers.

I'm also building an in-place editing capability using ckeditor that allows
users to edit the content referenced by Freemarker template values, and then
stores the values back into the CMS.

Interested in talking with others about these sorts of issues.

Hope I am not too off topic here...

A lurking freemarker fan,


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